A highly professional service

They're bright and approachable but above all provide a highly professional service. I can't recommend them enough!

Ashley Carson, Director & Company Secretary - Chesterfield Football Club

As an Independent Professional you probably realised very quickly that it makes much better business sense to spend your own valuable time getting, servicing and retaining your clients - and to delegate everything else, but...

to get the job done, You need the right team! 

Claire White is highly qualified and experienced in business support & development, having worked closely, for over 30 years, supporting a number of Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Managing Directors, providing them with the structure, capacity and expertise needed to run and develop their businesses.

As the owner of a successful small business since 2005, Claire will use her own knowledge, skills and experience to provide advice and a senior level 'extra pair of hands' to help support and develop your business and - crucially - Get Things Done.

And the right expertise!

Each member of our highly qualified team is a specialist with many years' experience in their field, and together we are able to take care of every aspect of your business outside of your own specialism, including:

They provide structure, capacity and expertise to help me run and develop my business

Claire and her team have been working with me since early 2012.  They are a pleasure to work with and provide structure, capacity and expertise to help me run and develop my business.

Claire has a very organised approach to every aspect of her service and it is a pleasure to work with her to develop our marketing and business development processes. She knows a lot about social media, IT and business development and it's great how she keeps me on track.

The turning point was the realisation that Claire could help with all sorts of aspects of the business. One thing she's really good at is asking apparently simple questions to say why are we doing this, and what's the next stage on this, and which customers should we be targeting - she's really helping me grow the business and is adding lots of value.

I would unhesitatingly recommend Claire to anyone looking to grow their business - but be prepared to be pushed and organised - which is probably exactly what you need!

Steve Hinton, Executive Coach & MD - Hinton Sheerline Ltd

What if i don't know what i need?

So you know you definitely need some help, but you're not sure what, and how much, help you need? 

Over the years we've worked with lots of clients with exactly the same challenge, so we devised a plan! For the first month Claire will work with you on a one-to-one basis, helping to identify areas of the business that could be improved and establishing exactly what ongoing support would be right for you. 

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