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As an Independent Professional you probably realised very quickly that it makes much better business sense to spend your own valuable time on getting, servicing and retaining your clients - and to delegate everything else. 


Our expert team has gained many years of experience working at a senior level and perfected the skills and services to be able to take care of every aspect of your business outside your own specialism.


YOUR Business Support Partner

"Nobody can do everything themselves & it's not good business to work that way"

Claire White has a proven track record as a highly qualified and experienced senior level aide - having worked as the 'right arm' to a number of Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Managing Directors - and has successfully managed several high profile projects and led teams of staff in a range of organisations across all sectors. 

As the owner of a successful small business since 2005, Claire will use her knowledge, skills and experience to work personally with you, providing you and your business with a senior level 'extra pair of hands' to help with organisation, implementation and - crucially - getting things done.


It is a Great Relief to be Helped in My Work by Someone Who is Really Good at Theirs.

I wouldn't have survived the last quarter without your help. I’m truly grateful for your commitment and enthusiasm, particularly through some very trying patches. It is a great relief to be helped in my work by someone who is really good at theirs. I really value your advice and ideas, but above all it has been your competency at what you do that has been most valuable. It is nice for me to work with a genuine professional.

Benjamin Fry - Harley Street Consultant, Author, Broadcaster, Entrepreneur (London)

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Our expert Bookkeepers are professionally qualified and always stay completely up to date on the latest accounting rules and regulations. 
Your time is far too valuable to spend doing the books, and we can do them much quicker too!

From setting you up on the right accounts package, to invoicing your clients and managing your VAT returns, we can provide all the bookkeeping support you'll ever need and are happy to liaise direct with your own accountant.


Efficient & Professional - I Would Not Hesitate to Recommend Them

I worked with Claire and her team when they provided bookkeeping services for one of our clients. I found that they were always up to date and provided information to us in a timely manner. They are efficient and always very professional and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Gill Goddard, BA FCCA - Partner, Crozier Jones Accountants (South Yorkshire)

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