A Completely Unique Support Service for Independent Professionals

Created in 2005 by Claire White, this wholly unique support service is devoted to providing Business Advice, Implementation Skills & Accountability Services to help forward-thinking Independent Professionals develop their business and take control of their time.

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It is a Great Relief to be Helped in My Work by Someone Who is Really Good at Theirs

I wouldn't have survived the last quarter without your help. I am truly grateful for your commitment and enthusiasm, particularly through some very trying patches. It is a great relief to be helped in my work by someone who is really good at theirs. I really value your advice and ideas, but above all it has been your competency at what you do that has been most valuable. It is nice for me to work with a genuine professional.

You really do deliver on your advertised services. Thank you.

Benjamin Fry - Harley St Consultant, Author, Broadcaster, Entrepreneur (London)


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