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You'll need to go a long way to find someone better than Claire to help your business grow.

Terry Gormley,  Entrepreneur, Speaker, Performance Strategist

7 Reasons why you should choose us


As our testimonials show, we've already helped lots of clients achieve success through identifying goals, planning, prioritising and implementation, and by working with them to create successful business and marketing functions, processes and teams.

Many of our clients now boast businesses that function efficiently, whether they are there or not, leaving them free to concentrate on what they do - and enjoy - best.


Claire Has Transformed my Business!

Working with Claire has transformed my business from being busy but unstructured and reactionary, to being busy with clear and effective processes and a better business presence, resulting in me having more time to do what I do best – my work with my clients. It has been a game changer!

Colm Murphy - Business Coach, Dynamic Leadership Development (Dublin)


Whether you're just starting out, want someone to take care of everything else so you can concentrate on your core business, or you're looking to transition from being the 'doer' to being the 'manager' in your business - we have the people, expertise and experience to help you achieve your goal.


It's Like Having My Own Team Without Having to Employ Them

Claire and her team have been working with me since early 2012.  They are a pleasure to work with and provide structure, capacity and expertise to help me run and develop my business. Claire is really helping me to grow the business and is adding lots of value.

Steve Hinton, Senior Executive Coach & MD, Hinton Sheerline Ltd


We concentrate all our efforts on working with owners of small service businesses, making us a key resource, with the latest knowledge, advice and expertise to help you and your business achieve super-success.


You'll Need to Go a Long Way to Find Someone Better than Claire

Quite simply what Claire has done is help us to be more successful. One thing that I've really benefited from is that I can really trust her, that she knows what she's doing and that she thinks like me.

If you're a business owner or just a busy person it's really great to have someone like Claire to work with you. One of the things that I really love about working with her is that I can talk to her about the concepts and strategies that are in my mind and she just gets things done.

 If you're looking for a partner that can help you and your business grow, you'll need to go a long way to find someone better than Claire.

Terry Gormley, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Performance Strategist

4. You get all the benefits but none of the pain

Employing staff can be fraught with headaches, not to mention costs! Working with our agency team means you avoid all the costs associated with providing workspace, training, sick leave, holidays and pensions, but crucially your team will  have up-to-the-minute knowledge and skills as well as a great 'can-do' attitude & enthusiasm to make sure you, the client, get exactly what you need.


The Service is highly cost effective

The service is highly cost effective and they are a pleasure to work with. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Rosalind Eve, Chief Executive - Age UK Sheffield

5. YOU get to free up your time

Time is the one thing we all have too little of, and once it's gone, there's no getting it back. Why waste time doing things you can delegate? It makes much more business sense to spend your precious hours doing what you do best - getting, keeping and delivering to your customers.


Working with Claire has freed up my time to concentrate on my business

Working with Claire has enabled me to free up my time to actually concentrate on running the business. Highly recommended!

Ashley Carson, CEO & Assay Master - Sheffield Assay Office

6. You get great peace of mind

Whether it's the flexibility of knowing you have a team that can ramp up or scale down their support to suit the level of activity in your business, or the budget-friendly option of an all-inclusive fixed monthly fee, you will gain peace of mind that everything can be taken care of with the very best interests of you and your business in mind.


I get valuable peace of mind

I love the fact that I can delegate everything to do with marketing to Claire and her team, and that it will get done exactly as I've asked, and on time, all for a monthly fixed fee. It's a perfect situation for the cost conscious business owner and gives me valuable peace of mind that my business is being expertly supported within the agreed fee. It's a highly valuable service.

Julie Gordon, Managing Director - cHRysos HR Solutions Ltd

7. our clients will tell you to!

There's nothing more important, when engaging a new service, than reading other customers' reviews.

We're very proud of our long list of delighted clients and would be happy to put you in touch with any one of them should you wish to get a first hand opinion on our services.

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