Customer Direct Debits - Is your bank fobbing you off?

Customer Direct Debits - Is your bank fobbing you off?

Posted by Claire White ¦ Business Tools ¦ Bookkeeping

As a small business, not only does direct debit make it easier for you through time saved not having to chase customers for invoices each month (not to mention the improved cash flow), but also makes it easier for your customers who no longer have the admin requirement at their end each time your invoice needs paying.  Definitely a win-win.

I couldn't believe how simple it was to set this great software system up, especially after I'd had so many clients try to do something similar through their own banks, only to be told it would cost a small fortune and be very complicated.

Low Costs

Costs are really low at 1% per transaction, capped at just £2.  And this applies to between 0-500 transactions per month.  More than adequate for the majority of service based businesses.

No Fees

No monthly fees
No hidden fees
No setup fees

Simple Setup

Setting my customers up was a doddle too.  I simply entered their email address in the online system and they received notification from GoCardless.  They then filled in their direct debit details and I received confirmation that everything was done. Simples!

High Security

GoCardless has great credibility and is

Registered with the FCA
Sponsored by Royal Bank of Scotland
Created using military grade encryption
Approved by the biggest names in payments.

Direct Debit Guarantee

The system works under the Direct Debit Guarantee and GoCardless confirm that should anything ever go wrong with a transaction then the payer would be entitled to an instant refund.

This simple, cost effective, streamlined system offers huge benefits to small businesses with less than 500 transactions per month.  If you're thinking of moving your customers to Direct Debit then I'd highly recommend GoCardless.  

£50 FREE Credit

Use this link to get a FREE £50 Credit to get you started with your account, and qualify me for a gift too!

Have you had problems getting your bank to 'play ball' with direct debit setup? I'd love to hear your story.

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