Does someone need to die to make you value your time?

Posted by Claire White ¦ Business Skills

This wonderful person, being a very special lady and one who had always had an unbelievable ability to get the best out of every single day, spent a short period of time getting over the shock and then typically got stuck into putting her affairs in order in both her personal and business life and organised a big party to 'say goodbye' to her huge circle of friends. Can you see why she's going to be so badly missed?

Setting aside for the moment the truly heartbreaking sadness of the situation, I got to thinking about what we do with our lives and whether, faced with the same situation, would we look back and wish we'd done things differently.  Would we still have 'sweat the small stuff'?

Looking at it from a business context...

how much time do you waste with the client who causes 80% of the hassle for 20% return?
How much time have you lost though working inefficiently or with ineffective systems?
How many times have you sacrificed a whole day at the weekend to catch up with the bookkeeping rather than spending it with the family?
Have you ever turned down a fun night out with friends because the admin needs doing?
Do you spend most evenings in front of the computer catching up with the emails instead of catching up with the lives of your teenagers or spending time with your parents?
Are you constantly hearing the words 'you never have time for me...'?

There's no getting away from the fact that building and running a business is really hard work, but are you using your precious time wisely enough?

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