How accountability will help you reach your goals

How accountability will help you reach your goals

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Where your time and efforts go, so too goes your company…

Have you ever found yourself watching a box-set / mowing the lawn [insert your favourite distraction] in the middle of the day when you know full well there’s a mountain of things that need to be done in your business?

All well and good if you’re the type who prefers to work through the night so you can spend the daylight hours as you please. In reality, most of us aren't quite so superhuman.

As business owners, as well as individuals, we naturally gravitate towards the tasks that fit nicely with our own particular skillset. For example, a ‘creative type’ might notice the lawn is at its manicured best around the time when there are spreadsheets to fill in…

What you need is some accountability.

Thought being the boss meant you’d never have to be accountable to anyone?

Not so, if you want to succeed. The freedom of being your own boss is definitely worth its weight in gold, but running your business in an isolated bubble without sufficient structure and accountability – even when surrounded by an excellent team of employees – can be a huge mistake.

So what is accountability?

According to the Business Dictionary accountability is

"The obligation of an individual or organization to account for its activities, accept responsibility for them, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner."

Or in other words - it’s being open and honest about what you have or haven’t done, in relation to what you agreed you would, and accepting that you hold full responsibility for your actions, or lack of.

Why do you need to be held accountable?

It's a fact that if you’re accountable to someone (be it an Accountability Partner, or as part of a group that helps keep each other on track) you’re far more likely to focus on completing the tasks you committed to doing. Isn’t it true that we all enjoy the satisfaction of being seen to achieve, and equally, dread the embarrassment of being seen to fail?

Why accountability works for small business owners

Inevitably, as a business owner, you will be surrounded by a multitude of distractions, each one shouting louder for your attention, until before you know it the day is over and your to-do list has grown instead of shrunk. Occasional procrastination is perfectly natural, but giving in to more inviting distractions on a regular basis will, without doubt, stop you from making any real progress in your business and lead to failure.

Remember the saying - Where your time and efforts go, so too goes your company…
So how about you. Do you have accountability? Is someone helping you to stay on track and maintain your focus? Watch out for next week’s blog on how to find the right accountability partner.
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