How to uncover the message requests that Facebook is hiding

How to uncover the message requests that Facebook is hiding

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I was so angry when I learned this. Facebook is filtering your messages and deciding what you should and shouldn't see! It may be old news to some but everyone I've told had never heard about it.

When I followed the simple instructions below I found I had 24 messages and connection requests, spanning 5 years.

OK, so quite a lot were spam, but three were from past colleagues whom I was delighted to hear from (and horrified to think what might be going through their minds after I'd apparently ignored them!) and two were from the owners of my puppy's siblings, whom I'd been trying to find since we got her back in 2014!

Follow the instructions below and check whether there are any message requests waiting for you.
I bet your bottom dollar there are.

On your Phone

  • Open Facebook
  • Click on your Messenger app
  • Click on the Settings icon (usually a little cog)
  • Go to People
  • Click on Message Requests
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on See filtered requests
  • Voila!

On your PC

  • Open Facebook
  • Click on Messages (square bubble on the top bar)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list and click See All
  • This shows your list of messages - click on More (top right)
  • Choose Filtered
  • The Message Requests Facebook denied you are right there!

I know of one lady whose son missed out on taking part in a Make A Wish show (he'd had a huge operation) and the ITV Producer had contacted her but Facebook chose to filter out his message. What about you? Did you find anything important, interesting or downright hilarious in there? Please feel free to comment below.

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