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Electronic signature tools enable you to get documents signed fast, keeping the delay between your customer deciding and actually signing up, to an absolute minimum.

They offer great flexibility – For example, with Hellosign you can sign documents yourself or request signatures from up to 20 different people in any order or all at once. When the final signature is complete, everyone gets a copy of the document in their email inbox.

With most of them you can add branding, logo and taglines and also use templates to automate repetitive signature requests to save time.

The level of security offered by these apps is usually at bank level with documents protected by SSL encryption and secure software infrastructure.

Digital signature software integrates seamlessly with numerous mainstream apps, allowing you to fill and sign documents quickly, sometimes in less than 30 seconds! These days signed documents are legally binding and are automatically backed up in your online account.

In general you don’t even need to download software – everything is stored in the cloud – and getting started is very quick and easy.

Sound good? Check out this blog from Kimberly Kurimski on the We Rock Your Web site in which she compares four of the leading players


Personally I use Signable as it had the app integration I needed, but crucially, you can use it on a pay-as-you-go basis for just £1 per document; great for a business that doesn't need to use the service that often.

Click on the link below to try it out for free.

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