Never lose a password again

Never lose a password again

Posted by Claire White ¦ Business Tools

LastPass is an entirely web-based password manager that stores your information directly to the company's servers so that it's always available when you need it - meaning because it's on the web, your passwords are always at your fingertips even if you're not using your own pc.

Safe & Secure

LastPass ensure that every bit of data you pass to them is encrypyted with your own master password before it leaves your computer - so LastPass itself has no way of taking a sneaky peek at your secrets.  And in the unlikely event that the company's servers were ever hacked, the 'bad boys' would have a really difficult time getting any of your information.

Simple Setup

Install and setup is a doddle and when you first install LastPass it conveniently searches your pc and creates a list of passwords that your browser has already 'remembered'.  This gives you a great start in creating your initial password store and I found it particularly useful in cleansing my browser and getting rid of all those old passwords I'd saved from years ago, from sites I no longer use.  It felt really cathartic, but then perhaps I'm just a geek!

Moving to LastPass

If you already use a password management system and want to swap to LastPass you'll be pleased to know that you can import your data from a huge list of other systems - all done in a matter of seconds with all the original data perfectly preserved.

iOS Compatible Too

As well as using it on your pc, LastPass has a $12 a year Premium account that gives you full access via all your iOS devises - iPhone, iPad etc. It's a little confusing to use at first but you quickly get your head around how it integrates with Safari.

Deleting your LastPass Account

If at any time you want to delete your account, LastPass don't make it difficult.  There's a dedicated page to help you and once confirmed, the software wipes everything clean in an instant and even sends you a handy set of instructions on how to install any extensions on your browser.

Final Words

LastPass is the market leader for password management software and has a great reputation for its ease of use and level of security.  I've personally found it's saved me lots of time and many moments of frustration but crucially, it's stopped me from the big 'No, No' - using the same two or three passwords for everything I do!

What's particularly useful is that, as a manager of a remote team, I can now provide access to all my clients' platforms without the team member even knowing the passwords, and I control any password amendments from my own LastPass control panel.

You can download LastPass for FREE HERE. It really is such a nifty little time saving and efficient app I'm convinced you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Do you already use LastPass or another online password vault? Have you ever lost a really important password? What did you do? Please feel free to comment below, I'd love to hear your stories.

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