Claire proved to be exactly the right person to go to for help with our business. The whole service is an overall great asset!

Julie Gordon Managing Director Chrysos HR Solutions

Claire proved to be exactly the right person to go to for help with starting a new business. Claire is supportive and well organised and it's great to work with someone with such a ‘can do’ attitude who can offer so much help with management, planning and organisation.

Claire has done an excellent job working with cHRysos HR since 2007 and frequently exceed what is expected. She has extensive knowledge of IT systems and software and has introduced a number of processes that help the business run more efficiently.

We worked together for over 2 years on a large database implementation project that had a significant impact on the organisation but one of the key aspects of growth for us has been in making sure there is a solid marketing strategy in place . I realised I needed to look at bringing in some expertise to help with this and having seen the skills and knowledge that Claire had I realised that this was an area that she would be able to help with.

Claire and I now meet on a regular basis to develop the marketing strategy, we've done a lot of work on introducing things such as social media and email marketing. The team have designed and created our new website and we now work with analytics so that we're able to measure the return on investment with our marketing.

Recently we had the pleasure again of working with Claire's designer, Scott to create our new marketing stands. As always, he carefully evaluated our needs in a very professional manner and delivered exactly what we wanted; to a very high standard. We were delighted with the end result and very proud to showcase our amazing new stand at the exhibitions and conferences we’ve since attended. 

The whole service is an overall great asset!

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